Christopher Marley

Christopher Marley is an artist, naturalist, photographer and author who uses preserved natural specimens as his medium. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest, immersed in nature from his earliest memories. During a decade spent traveling the world as a fashion model, Marley's passion for discovering unfamiliar elements of the natural world became an obsession.

His work was born of a desire to share his discoveries in a way that would inspire both the urbane viewer and the nature aficionado equally. Marley believes that in the proper light, beauty can be found in organisms of every kind and that the more beauty we find in nature, the more eager we will be to immerse ourselves in it and to preserve it.

All of the vertebrates that Marley uses in his work are reclaimed after dying of natural or incidental causes. He has innovated techniques for preserving a host of organisms that are not typically considered good candidates for preservation. He also utilizes insects that are collected or bred in an environmentally sensitive manner using a worldwide network of people and institutions that share his passion for nature.

Marley's work explores the deep relationships between vastly different natural objects and the love and unity we intrinsically feel with them and with nature as a whole. His first book, Pheromone was named one of the ­best books of the year by The Times (UK). His second book, Biophilia, is a New York Times Best Seller.

Marley's traveling museum exhibits Exquisite Creatures and Biophilia, a Dialog with Art, Nature and Science have been experienced by millions of visitors in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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Christopher Marley